6'x4' Folding Table + 6'x4' Game Mat + Rocks Full Set

6'x4' Folding Table + 6'x4' Game Mat + Rocks Full Set

Save 10 % on the 6’x4’ Folding Table and 10 % on the 6’x4’ Game Mat (Your choice) and 10 % on the Rocks Full Set.

296.73 € incl. VAT

245.23 €

329.70 € incl. VAT Discount 10%

Availability: IN STOCK

Leave your choice of the design of 6'x4' Game Mat in the Your notes in the order.

Game Mat comes with a free Carry Bag.

-21 % VAT price for countries outside of European Union for the whole package: 245.23 Eur


Take your gaming table with you and play your game anywhere !

• 6'x4' portable gaming area + additional 2 cm on 6' side (185 cm x 122 cm in total).
• Folds into its own carry box (122cm x 49 cm x 14 cm) with handles
• Unfolds in easy steps in less than 2 minutes
• Height 79 cm, weight 13 kg
• Lightweight aluminium and MDF water resistant board


6'x4' Folding Table is not a standard table. Do not use as a standard table. Do not sit on it. It should be used for board games with miniatures only. For more info email us at urbanmatz@gmail.com

Rocks Full Set comes prepainted. Material resin. Straight out of the box ready to play.

Full Set contents 10 pcs of Rocks:

  • Rock with stairs: 2 x (height 20cm, length 25cm, width 21cm)
  • Rock with tunnel: 2 x (height 16cm, length 24cm) (tunnel height 8cm, width 10cm)
  • Rock with overhang: 2 x (height 18cm, length 20cm, wdth 20cm)
  • 10 cm height Rock type A: 2 x
  • 10 cm height Rock type B: 2 x
  • All resin material
  • Prepainted




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