Industrial Walls 60pcs + 6'x4' Game Mat

Industrial Walls 60pcs + 6'x4' Game Mat

Save 5 % on the Industrial Walls 60pcs and 5 % on the 6'x4' Game mat (Your choice).

186.01 € incl. VAT

153.73 €

195.80 € incl. VAT Discount 5%

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Industrial Walls 60pcs + 6'x4' Game Mat. Leave your choice of the design of 6'x4' Game Mat in the Your Notes in the order.

Game Mat comes with a free Carry Bag.

-21 % VAT price for countries outside of European Union: 153.73 Eur

Industrial Walls 60pcs come prepainted. Material resin. Straight out of the box ready to play.

60 pcs of Industrial Walls:

• Single Industrial Wall: 24pcs (length 5cm, height 6.5cm, width 3.5cm)
• Double Industrial Wall: 12pcs (length 10cm, height 6.5cm, width 3.5cm)
• Corner Industrial Wall: 24pcs (length 4.5cm, height 6.5cm, width 4.5cm)
• All resin material
• Prepainted




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