If you choose delivery to the country outside of European Union, you shop -21 % off the prices (without 21 % VAT). Valid also for Switzerland and Norway !

Your final prices of our products without 21 % VAT :

6x4 battle mats: 57.77 Eur
6x3 battle mats: 54.46 Eur
4x4 battle mats: 41.24 Eur
3x3 battle mats: 32.98 Eur
Carry bag 6x4: 9.01 Eur
Carry bag 4x4: 9.01 Eur
Carry bag 6x3: 8.18 Eur
Carry bag 3x3: 8.18 Eur

Desert Rocks Full Set: 82.56 Eur
Desert Rocks Half Set 1: 57.77 Eur
Desert Rocks Half Set 2: 57.77 Eur

Ruins Full Set: 112.31 Eur
Ruins Half Set 1: 66.03 Eur
Ruins Half Set 2: 57.77 Eur

6'x4' Folding Table: 115.62 Eur

Rest of the products are calculated the same way.

Shipping prices for countries outside of European Union are your final prices already without VAT (- 21 %).

Easy steps for shopping -21 %:

• Add the product to your Shopping cart, press Order
• Fill in your email, name etc, country, press Continue to order summary
• Your order summary based on your country outside of European Union should be without 21 % VAT
• Finish the order

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