SCI-FI Half Set

SCI-FI Half Set


Prepainted resin material wargaming terrain. 8pcs set. Straight out of the box ready to play.

99.90 € incl. VAT

82.56 €

Availability: OUT OF STOCK

SCI-FI Set comes prepainted and assembled. Material resin. Straight out of the box ready to play. 

-21 % VAT price for countries outside of European Union: 82.56 Eur

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Half Set contents 8 pcs of prepainted scifi wargaming terrain:

• 14 cm height Landing Pad (19 cm diameter): 1 x
• 14,5 cm height Silo (11,5 cm diameter): 2 x
• 10 cm height Power House (14,5cm x 11cm): 1 x
• 8 cm height Warehouse (14cm x 9cm): 2 x
• 14 cm length Industrial Wall: 2 x
• All resin material
• Prepainted

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