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Personal Data - Protection Policy

The ways of treating personal data in our company are described below.

1. How to contact us?

Business name: URBANMATZ, s.r.o., IC 04432207, Krenova 439/17, Prague, Czech Republic, e-mail:
All the below described rights may be asserted via the above contacts.

2. What type of information are processed and why do we do that?

a) First name and surname (identification data)
We need your basic identification data and address specified in the next clause to duly conclude and perform contracts with you, and as the case may be, to attend to your orders.
b) Street name and house number, city, postal code, country (address information): We need your address so that our shipping companies can deliver the goods to the correct destination.
c) Telephone number and e-mail (contact details)
We need your telephone number and e-mail addresses to inform you about the status of your order and for our shipping companies to deliver it properly. Your contact telephone number and e-mail address are also needed for us to contact you in case of any complications or changes.
Unless you provide your identification, address and contact information, we shall not be able to conclude contracts and to attend to your orders and you shall not be able to order goods from us.
e) User name and password (registration data)
Once you register, the system saves your login information (user name and password). We cannot enable the login without these details.
f) Number and type of goods purchased (purchase information)
Once you make a purchase, we shall keep the information about your purchase in order to assist you in the event of a complaint. The information is also needed for us to know that the claimed goods were really bought from us.
g) Cookies
We process cookies to make your purchases easier and more comfortable.

3. Who are your personal details provided to?

a) Shipping company
We pass your identification, address and contact details on to shipping companies so that they can duly deliver the goods. The personal data are provided to such persons in the minimal extent necessary for the delivery of the ordered goods.
b) Accountant
The company that makes accounting and processes invoices, which contain your identification and address information, has access to the personal data.
c) E-shop provider
The company on whose platform the e-shop is operated has very limited access to the personal data.
Your data are safe with us; we do not pass them to anyone else. In case we need to provide your personal data to another person, we shall ask you for permission first. We shall not disclose your personal data to third parties unless we have your consent.

4. For how long do we keep your personal data?

The information about your purchase and your identification, address and contact details are stored by us for 1 year. We keep them for such period in order to properly handle claims and respond to your complaints, as the case may be.
At the same time, we keep your identification and contact details for the period of 2 years in order to deal with customers who have repeatedly ordered goods and failed to collect them.
Archiving certain documents with personal data is stipulated by law. Invoices must be archived for 10 years. Accounting documents are archived for 5 years.

5. What are your rights in connection with your personal data?

a) Right to claim access to your personal data
You are entitled to ask us which personal data are kept by us, and what has and shall happen to them during the period we archive them.
b) Right to correction
In the event that your data kept by us are outdated or inaccurate, you may ask for correction.
c) Right to raise objection
In case you believe that our processing of your personal data exceeds our justified interest to prevent repeated orders and failures to collect the goods, you are entitled to raise an objection and we shall deal with it.
d) Right to deletion (right to be forgotten)
Upon your request, we shall delete all your personal data kept by us. This may include the situation where you wish to cancel the registration. It may happen that there is a reason which entitles or binds us to archive the data (e.g. an obligation ensuing from the Accounting Act, or Art. 4 etc.) and in such case we cannot make the deletion.
e) Right to limited processing
In some cases, we are allowed to archive the personal data, but we must not dispose of them in any way. This includes the following situations:
• you deny the accuracy of the data and we need to verify your notification
• the personal data are processed unlawfully, but you prefer not to delete them and instead ask for limited processing;
• we do not need your personal data any more, but you ask us to archive them for the purposes of asserting your statutory claims;
• you raise an objection concerning processing; this concerns the period before we verify whether the personal data shall be further processed in our material interest or whether we cease processing them.

f) Right to transfer the data

Upon your request, we shall provide you the personal data processed by us pursuant to a contract we concluded with you and your consent, and at the same time processed by us in an automated system. We shall give you such data in a standard, machine-readable format. We can also provide the data to an administrator appointed by you in case he agrees to such transfer.

g) Right to lodge a complaint

In case you believe that we breach the rules of personal data processing, you are entitled to lodge a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

6. Are your personal data safe with us?

Definitely YES ! All your personal data are fully protected from misuse.


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